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How to Order Your Perfect Cake


How do you order the perfect cake?

3 Tiered Wedding Cake.

This is the information you have been searching for to order the perfect cake. Cake is a delicious dessert that is so versatile for any occasion from the backyard barbecue to a formal occasion like a wedding.  So how do you order a cake? The shapes, sizes, and flavor combinations are endless.  Have you been online looking for the perfect cake?  With so many choices in design, shape, size, and finish, it can be a frustrating process and disappointing when you don’t understand what the baker is talking about.  Have you avoided ordering a round cake because they seem too difficult to cut and serve?  My goal here is to teach you how to plan and order the perfect cake!  

Whether it is a dream Wedding Cake or a simple Birthday Cake, here is some great information so you are not lost in cake land!
Let’s break down the process of ordering a cake into sections.  There are some pretty simple industry standards that most bakeries follow when it comes to available cake sizes.  We will start with the amount of servings needed, then size of serving, layers and fillings, tiers, flavor and design, and last, but most important, cost.  I hope that by covering this subject you will be better educated when you call to order your perfect cake.

Servings and how to cut it right!

Let’s talk number of servings and along with that, serving size, which will help you know how the cake should be sliced to get the correct number of servings.  This chart is really useful when it comes to sizing and slicing round cakes.  It is also a great example of how many slices you get per cake depending on how large or small the slices are; a great way to simplify cutting the cake.

Serving options for Round Cakes
Serving options for Round Cakes

The servings on this chart are shown as Generous, Sensible, and Event sized portions.  I hear quite often from customers that they find it difficult to know how to cut a round cake so they just want a sheet cake because it is easier to cut.  As you can see from the guide, slicing those round cakes is not as difficult as one would think.  The guide is for the average 1-2 layers of cake.  Many different charts exist for different cake sizes and shapes.  An excellent standard followed by a lot of bakers and caterers is Wilton, which you can find here; Wilton Wedding Cake Cutting Guide or for sheet cakes go here Sheet Cake Cutting Guide.  

Something to think about for your event is who is going to be cutting and serving the cake?  Designate someone with experience and explain to them your cutting plan.  It even helps to ask the baker for a template if necessary to get the serving sizes you need for your event.  For a great article on cutting a wedding cake I love The Knots: All About Cutting The Cake.

How big of a serving size do you serve?

wedding cake slice
Your perfect cake serving size.

At an event or formal gathering, like a wedding or anniversary celebration, where your guests have typically had dinner and cocktails already, small slices of cake are cut and served.  This is referred to as wedding sized, formal, or event sized portions.  An example of the need for a sensible, party, or standard sized portion would be a baby shower or birthday party where cake and ice cream are all that is being served.  For small informal gatherings like a family reunion or church potluck, generous sized portions make sense.  At every type of event, you will have guests who will come back for seconds and those who skip the sweets.  How large a serving you will need is up to you and a big factor in deciding the size of cake you need to order your perfect cake.


Layers and Filling

chocolate naked cake
The beginning of your perfect cake starts with one layer at a time.

A single layer of cake is approximately 2″ high.  A single layer of cake split and filled is a little over than 2″ in finished height.  This makes the perfect smash cake for a baby’s first birthday.  How many layers of cake are in the cute 6” round birthday cake?  It is common for bakers to have a standard of 2-3 layers of cake in rounds.  Some refer to this as a barrel cake.  A double barrel is 4-8 layers of cake with a divider between.  

A double barrel cake is an awesome way to design a small cake on a budget but still get the amazing presentation for a small formal event.  A sheet cake is one layer of cake which can be split: meaning that the single layer of cake is sliced through the center for the purpose of placing a filling between layers.  Not all bakeries split a single layer sheet cake so be sure to ask or request a split and fill if you want a filling.  A 2 layer sheet cake really is double the cake so the cost will change drastically from a 1 to 2 layer cake and so will your serving size. Sheet cakes are not the only cakes that can be split and filled. Any shape cake really can be split and filled. Refer to your baker on this decision because splitting and filling a multi layer or sculpted cake can lead to instability or even to much weight squishing the bottom layer of cake!


Make sure your filling complements the cake and frosting!  Be creative and don’t be afraid to ask the baker what they suggest.  Fresh fruit cuts the sweetness a bit. Alternating fillings, for example, chocolate cake with a raspberry filling in the first layer alternated with a semi-sweet chocolate or hazelnut filling in the next layer is delicious!  A fruit preserves filling is a delicious variation and things like salted caramel add a unique twist to your cake.  Again, ask your baker what they suggest!  Each baker has a flavor combination that their customers love or that is a bakery signature flavor.

For an Amazing Presentation add Tiers

Even a Baby Shower cake can be the Perfect Cake!

When looking at a stacked cake, each level of cake is called a tier.  One of the purposes of a tiered cake is for space economy.  It takes less table space to stack 300 servings of cake rather than spread out across a long table.  Another reason for a tiered cake is the attention it draws due to the cakes height.  You have to admit a tiered cake sure attracts more attention than a flat sheet cake!

Build it

A tier can be one or more layers of cake with filling between the layers.  A cute trend is to mix up how many layers of cake are in each tier.  Take a double barrel 8” round with 8 layers of cake and stack a single barrel 6” round with 2 layers of cake for a fun different look.  A single layer split and filled is approximately 2 – 2 1/2″ in finished height. A tier with 2 layers of cake and a filling is approximately 4″ in finished height and so on. Add about 2″ of height for each layer of cake in a tier or barrel.

So now that we have added this aspect to your cake design it gives you a better idea as to how much cake you need when looking at serving sizes and how much cake is actually being served.  Last I have some Flavor and Design suggestions.

Flavor should be as amazing as the Design

Now that you have an idea on size and number of servings let’s talk flavor.  Know what your favorite flavors are.  Cake tastings are designed for this purpose!  This gives you a chance to taste a specific baker’s product before deciding on a Baker/Cake Artist.  When ordering a cake from me I send you to my Cupcake and Cakes page for some flavor combinations that are customer favorites.  Something that you have budgeted so carefully for should be delicious and beautiful!

Pretty Princess Pink Birthday Perfect Cake.

 Where to look for ideas

Pinterest and Google are an awesome resource for design ideas.  If this is a birthday cake, a person’s hobby or a child’s favorite toy or cartoon are good places to start.  For an anniversary, the element that is the gift for that year is a good place to start.  For example the 50th wedding anniversary is the golden anniversary.  Wedding Anniversary Gift by Year is a website that lists Traditional and Modern ideas.  For weddings, your color choices, decorations, and wedding dress design can be good inspirations for your cake.  Design inspiration can come from things as simple as your favorite flower, a piece of fabric, a hobby etc.

Go with your baker’s strengths.  Really communicate what you are thinking with pictures but remember the cakes you see online are like the Mona Lisa; no artist will copy the exact artwork.  It is unethical first of all, so do not ask for an exact replica of the work; use the cakes you find in magazines and online as inspiration points.

Factors that determine cost

You can't buy Love but you can buy CAKE!
Cost of the Perfect CAKE!

Most bakeries have a basic ‘starting at’ cost; typically that is a per-serving cost.  The industry standard right now is $6 per-serving for Wedding Cakes and another $1 or $2 per-serving is added for Fondant covered Wedding cakes.  Gold or Silver leaf, edible lace, hand painting, handmade sculptures, handmade sugar flowers, edible sequins, fresh fruit, and supports for stacking add more to the expense.

How We Price A Cake

OUR PRICING: Here at Angela’s we charge by the cake.  We have some set prices for our cupcakes but a custom cake is a handmade work of art.  Please call for a quote.  If you are running on a very tight budget make your goal a delicious cake using your favorite cake, filling flavor and a basic buttercream finish.  Some very beautiful cakes are just simple and delicious.

 I have heard the phrase that ‘it is just cake and frosting’.  My dear friends, for ‘just cake and frosting’ your local supermarket has a freezer full of cake and buckets of pre-made frosting.  What I am writing about here is a Custom Made Cake where I start from scratch with unbleached flour, real cane sugar, salt, baking powder, real sweet-cream butter and bake a cake that is free from fillers and preservatives.  Then I beat together real sweet-cream butter, fine sugar, milk and quality extracts for a delicious American Buttercream frosting.  Ask if your baker starts from scratch or uses a pre-made mix.  Every cake is shaped and hand decorated to your specification.

 In this business you have endless options for flavor combinations, shapes, sizes, and variety.  Every Cake Artist puts a lot of time into becoming educated on the decorating, sculpting, baking and stacking techniques that become your delicious custom cake.  Remember that you are paying a professional when you call to order your perfect cake.

There you have it; some good solid cake ordering information from number of servings, size, flavor, design, and cost.  I hope that this helps you feel more confident as you call to order your perfect cake.  I would love to be your Cake Artist. I am Angela at Angela’s Bakery. A fully certified cottage food business located in Quincy, California.


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The Tastiest Cupcake in Quincy

All about our cupcakes

Vanilla with sprinkles

The tastiest cupcake in Quincy California starts out being made in small batches. We make our cupcakes from basic high quality ingredients like unbleached flour, sugar, salt, vanilla, eggs, buttermilk and butter. This is what it means when we say we bake our cupcakes from scratch. Depending on the flavor you pick more ingredients are added to the list. We have baked cupcakes for all kinds of celebrations and occasions. We would love the opportunity to bake for your special occasion. Here at Angela’s Bakery we are confident that you will love our cupcakes.

Cupcake pricing and sizes

We make your standard sized cupcake which is our most popular. The pricing for our Classic Collection flavors in this size cupcake start at $12 for a half dozen. Pricing is adjusted based on amount of cupcakes ordered and flavor picked.

Georgia Peach Mini
Georgia Peach Mini

Mini cupcakes are tiny bite sized bombs of delicious flavors. Pricing for the Minis starts at $20 for a 2 dozen minimum order.

Giant Chocolate Cupcake
Giant Chocolate Cupcake

The cupcake that is sure to be the talk of your party is this layered Giant Cupcake. The Giant cupcake serves approximately 12 depending on how big you slice the cake. This giant beauty starts at $40. It comes in a chocolate shell that is hand poured and then filled with layers of cake and your choice of filling. If you choose not to go with the chocolate shell the base can also be wrapped in candy bars or Pirouette cookies.

Cupcake types and flavor combinations

We offer so many flavors and kinds of cupcakes that they are grouped into collections on our menu.


Our  Classics cupcake collection has flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Birthday Cake, and Red Velvet. You can find the basics and classic style cupcakes here.

Top Shelf

For a really loaded cupcake, I mean a cupcake that has a filling, is dipped or rolled in a topping and has a drizzle or cherry on top we have our Top Shelf  collection of cupcakes. Some of our Top Shelf flavors include Banana Split and S’mores.

Fruit & Cream

For a taste of creamy dreamy I suggest our Fruit & Cream collection. With flavors like Strawberrys and Cream, Orange Cream and more! Some of the flavors are limited availability depending on the time of year and availability of fresh fruit.


For a taste of summer sunshine and a reminder of long summer evenings a pick from our Lemonade line should do the trick! This line has classic favorites like Pink Lemonade and and the more resent addition of Lavender Lemonade.


If you are looking for something that did not come from grandmas kitchen and has an adult beverage twist then try the Irish Car Bomb Cupcake, the fireball cupcake or any of our Tipsy Cake cupcakes should do the trick! 

Beer and Pretzels Mini Cupcake
Beer and Pretzels Mini Cupcake

This line of cupcakes was started when we were looking for something original to serve at our first Taste of Plumas in 2014 and it has grown based on special requests and our desire to experiment with flavors. The Cupcakes are made with different types of alcoholic beverages so some are mixed into the cupcake batter and some are reduced into a syrup that will flavor and drizzle every cupcake. This line has been featured at Taste of Plumas for the last 4 years with rave reviews on the flavor combinations and presentation. The Wine Cupcakes Fruity Zin, Spicy Zin, or the Rose’ Wine are Angela’s Bakery originals! Try our Salted Lime Margarita or  the Angry Fireball Cupcake each designed by Angela. Each recipe was crafted in our kitchen with a customers special request in mind.

Champagne Cupcakes

Also in the Tipsy Cake line are our Champagne Cupcakes. Peaches and Champagne was the top favorite at our booth for Taste of Plumas 2015 and the Salted Lime Margarita in 2016! If you think we are done we are not!

Nutty Bunch

When you are feeling a little nutty and believe me with all these flavors I feel nutty sometimes, our Nutty Bunch collection is just what the doctor ordered.  A couple flavor combinations like Hazelnut Chocolate or PB&J  will fit the nuttiest person in your family.

Chocolate Collection

The Chocolate Collection has flavors sure to satisfy even the most discriminating Chocoholic. Chocolate covered Cherry, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Triple Chocolate are just a few chocolaty flavors in this collection.

Holiday Collection

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

Don’t forget our Holiday CollectionThis collection is loaded with our seasonal favorites available only during the holidays or if you so desire upon special request our baker has been known to make Pumpkin Spice in the middle of the summer! Peppermint and White Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice and Carrot Cake are a few flavors from this collection.


Toy Box

Carott Cake Cupcakes
Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Last but not least is the Toy Box collection. This collection has some fun kid friendly toppers, flavors and colors. We truly do have something to please everyone. If you have a favorite combination cupcake we are up for any challenge!  With every flavor we offer, the ingredients are the freshest and best available.

How to order

Pleased contact us with any questions or orders. We are always excited to try something new and suggestions are welcome! We bake from our home kitchen so cupcakes must be ordered in advance.  You can be assured that everything you purchase is fresh. Nothing comes from the freezer.

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Celebrate With US

Celebrate with something delicious!

monkey lion elephant jungle cake icing smiles
Celebrate with a custom layered cake!

Happy Birthday to Marcus, Happy Birthday to James, Happy Birthday dear J e n n i f e r…. Happy Birthday to you! Cha cha cha… Oh man I love Birthdays. Did you sing as you read that? Ha ha I did! We have so much to offer for any birthday celebration. Sheet cakes, … forget the plane old boring sheet  cake! Let’s stack that cake and turn it into something fun to celebrate with!! I love stacking cake! I have heard those words… “Well I just need a sheet cake” but now im off on a tangent so back to what we have to offer! Cupcakes, donut walls, customized Sugar cookies and more. Let us make something delicious to make this birthday super awesome! Because every birthday should be super awesome! The party really does start here at Angela’s Bakery so let’s celebrate!

Character Cake
Character Cake

Yes we do make gluten free cake, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies too. How about a giant cupcake?  Maybe Vegan chocolate cupcakes are what you are looking for. I can make them. In fact I have very good references for those vegan chocolate cupcakes! Whatever it may that you have in mind we are super excited to help make this birthday the best ever.


Anniversary coming up?  Is this your first anniversery?what about your 7th or 29th? You should celebrate them all! We have been asked to recreate (to the best of my abilities. I would never copy the Mona Lisa!) A small version of the couple’s wedding cake with a 100% success rate 😁!

School Events & Class Parties

What about a school celebration? We are considered an approved food source. That means that you can purchase fresh homemade goodies for your child’s class at school and avoid the frozen for who knows how long, full of preservatives, grocery store cupcakes and cookies. Let me know and I will help with delivery if you need me to!

Community Events

We have  had booths or baked goods at Mid Summer Madness in Lake Almanor, Taste of Plumas in Quincy,  art gallery openings, Quincy’s Farmers Market and Plumas Bank Quincy Branch’s December customer appreciations.  With a variety of cookies, breads, and mini cupcakes you are sure to find the perfect delectable for your next celebration formal or not.

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Need a fundraiser?

cake sale bake sale signAngela’s Baker Way Bakery is a local business that has worked with different organizations to design simple fundraising opportunities that are easy and help meet the needs of your organization! Moms do not have to worry about the kitchen takeover to make baked goods. We do all the baking in our fully certified home kitchen.

Fundraisers we have helped with…

If you have attended a QHS football game at the FRC football stadium the Cinnamon Rolls being sold by the boosters are made by Angela’s Baker Way Bakery. We are happy to provide baked goods for your  fundraising event, bake sale, or gift cards that mean no more peddling baked goods in moms hot car!! The 2013-2014 Mini Trojans sold Cupcake gift cards and made over $700 for costumes. The 2014-2015 QHS girls basketball Varsity and JV teams sold cupcake gift cards! Contact the bakery for more information on current running fundraisers. Please give us a call and let us help design

a fundraiser to meet your team goals!

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