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Celebrate with a custom layered cake!

Happy Birthday to Marcus, Happy Birthday to James, Happy Birthday dear J e n n i f e r…. Happy Birthday to you! Cha cha cha… Oh man I love Birthdays. Did you sing as you read that? Ha ha I did! We have so much to offer for any birthday celebration. Sheet cakes, stacked cakes, cupcakes, jumbo sized and personalized, Sugar cookies and more. Let us make something delicious to make this birthday super awesome!

Character Cake
Character Cake

Yes we do make gluten free cake, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies too. How about a giant cupcake? What ever it may be we are super excited to help make the day the best ever.

This all applies to any celebration coming up. Anniversary coming up? What about a school celebration? We are considered an approved food source. That means that you can purchase fresh homemade goodies for your child’s class at school and avoid the chemical filled grocery store cupcakes and cookies. (Who knows how long those have been in the freezer and then moved to the shelf!)

We have  had booths or baked goods at Mid Summer Madness in Lake Almanor, Taste of Plumas in Quincy, funerals, art gallery openings, birthdays, anniversary, Quincy’s Farmers Market and bank customer appreciations.  With a variety of breads, buns, and pastries you are sure to find the perfect delectable for your next get-together formal or not.

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