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Vanilla with sprinkles

The tastiest cupcake in Quincy California starts out being made in small batches. We make our cupcakes from basic high quality ingredients like unbleached flour, sugar, salt, vanilla, eggs, buttermilk and butter. This is what it means when we say we bake our cupcakes from scratch. Depending on the flavor you pick more ingredients are added to the list. We have baked cupcakes for all kinds of celebrations and occasions. We would love the opportunity to bake for your special occasion. Here at Angela’s Bakery we are confident that you will love our cupcakes.

Cupcake pricing and sizes

We make your standard sized cupcake which is our most popular. The pricing for our Classic Collection flavors in this size cupcake start at $12 for a half dozen. Pricing is adjusted based on amount of cupcakes ordered and flavor picked.

Georgia Peach Mini
Georgia Peach Mini

Mini cupcakes are tiny bite sized bombs of delicious flavors. Pricing for the Minis starts at $20 for a 2 dozen minimum order.

Giant Chocolate Cupcake
Giant Chocolate Cupcake

The cupcake that is sure to be the talk of your party is this layered Giant Cupcake. The Giant cupcake serves approximately 12 depending on how big you slice the cake. This giant beauty starts at $40. It comes in a chocolate shell that is hand poured and then filled with layers of cake and your choice of filling. If you choose not to go with the chocolate shell the base can also be wrapped in candy bars or Pirouette cookies.

Cupcake types and flavor combinations

We offer so many flavors and kinds of cupcakes that they are grouped into collections on our menu.


Our  Classics cupcake collection has flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Birthday Cake, and Red Velvet. You can find the basics and classic style cupcakes here.

Top Shelf

For a really loaded cupcake, I mean a cupcake that has a filling, is dipped or rolled in a topping and has a drizzle or cherry on top we have our Top Shelf  collection of cupcakes. Some of our Top Shelf flavors include Banana Split and S’mores.

Vanilla cupcakes with raspberry filling and cheesecake buttercream frosting. Topped with a handmade fondant sunflower.

Fruit & Cream

For a taste of creamy dreamy I suggest our Fruit & Cream collection. With flavors like Strawberrys and Cream, Orange Cream and more! Some of the flavors are limited availability depending on the time of year and availability of fresh fruit.


For a taste of summer sunshine and a reminder of long summer evenings a pick from our Lemonade line should do the trick! This line has classic favorites like Pink Lemonade and and the more resent addition of Lavender Lemonade.


If you are looking for something that did not come from grandmas kitchen and has an adult beverage twist then try the Irish Car Bomb Cupcake, the fireball cupcake or any of our Tipsy Cake cupcakes should do the trick! 

Beer and Pretzels Mini Cupcake
Beer and Pretzels Mini Cupcake

This line of cupcakes was started when we were looking for something original to serve at our first Taste of Plumas in 2014 and it has grown based on special requests and our desire to experiment with flavors. The Cupcakes are made with different types of alcoholic beverages so some are mixed into the cupcake batter and some are reduced into a syrup that will flavor and drizzle every cupcake. This line has been featured at Taste of Plumas for the last 4 years with rave reviews on the flavor combinations and presentation. The Wine Cupcakes Fruity Zin, Spicy Zin, or the Rose’ Wine are Angela’s Bakery originals! Try our Salted Lime Margarita or  the Angry Fireball Cupcake each designed by Angela. Each recipe was crafted in our kitchen with a customers special request in mind.

Champagne Cupcakes

Also in the Tipsy Cake line are our Champagne Cupcakes. Peaches and Champagne was the top favorite at our booth for Taste of Plumas 2015 and the Salted Lime Margarita in 2016! If you think we are done we are not!

Nutty Bunch

When you are feeling a little nutty and believe me with all these flavors I feel nutty sometimes, our Nutty Bunch collection is just what the doctor ordered.  A couple flavor combinations like Hazelnut Chocolate or PB&J  will fit the nuttiest person in your family.

Chocolate Collection

The Chocolate Collection has flavors sure to satisfy even the most discriminating Chocoholic. Chocolate covered Cherry, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Triple Chocolate are just a few chocolaty flavors in this collection.

Holiday Collection

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

Don’t forget our Holiday CollectionThis collection is loaded with our seasonal favorites available only during the holidays or if you so desire upon special request our baker has been known to make Pumpkin Spice in the middle of the summer! Peppermint and White Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice and Carrot Cake are a few flavors from this collection.


Toy Box

Carott Cake Cupcakes
Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Last but not least is the Toy Box collection. This collection has some fun kid friendly toppers, flavors and colors. We truly do have something to please everyone. If you have a favorite combination cupcake we are up for any challenge!  With every flavor we offer, the ingredients are the freshest and best available.

How to order

Pleased contact us with any questions or orders. We are always excited to try something new and suggestions are welcome! We bake from our home kitchen so cupcakes must be ordered in advance.  You can be assured that everything you purchase is fresh. Nothing comes from the freezer.

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