About Angela’s Bakery

About Angela’s Bakery

I Love Buttercream!
I Love Buttercream!

First just a little bite about Angela’s Bakery. Located in the beautiful town of Quincy California. Angela’s Bakery is all about Custom Baked goods. Providing the freshest, most flavor-filled baked goods is our passion. We are a BY APPOINTMENT only bakery. Please fill out a contact form and lets set a date for your event consultation! If it is a cinnamon roll you are craving, we can turn those out pretty fast! 

Our bakery design is not a retail location. Custom baking is a very personal thing! We take it seriously at Angela’s Bakery. You get what you order! We aim for perfection in all that we create.

Everything on the menu is made and baked in our fully certified home kitchen. This is made possible under the California Cottage Food Act. Offering fresh, custom, made from scratch baking and free delivery in the Quincy area plus deliver to more of Plumas County for a fee depending on where you are located. Your order will be freshly baked and sometimes your bread will still be warm from the oven.

Vernetta’s Carrot Cake

Helping to create the perfect with wedding cakes, birthday cakes, dinner rolls and so much more is a delight! Check out the many events from fundraisers to  weddings and baby showers we have helped with. We would be love to help with your next fabulous event!

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Angela’s cinnamon rolls are absolutely AMAZING! You have to try them. I ordered them for Senior Sunrise on a Tuesday and they were delivered fresh and warm right on time.

Freshly glazed Cinnamon Rolls

About the Baker…

Angela's Baker Way

Angela is the oldest in a large family.  She started learning how to bake at the age of 8  and how to milk the cows by the time she was 13!   Her family grew a large garden so the summer’s growing up were filled with hours of making jams, bottling fruits and freezing veggies from the family garden and her grandparent’s orchard. Making things from scratch was part of growing up in a big family. The family also ran a small dairy farm so yes this girl milked cows, hauled hay, and fed calves from the age of 12 until she left home.

The beginning

Finally, after living her adult life in several locations across the United States and growing a family of her own,  Angela moved to the Quincy, California area in 2008. In 2012 Angela’s 6 children ranged from newborn to age 17. She felt like some changes were needed to make her more available to her family. With her husband’s support and love, she quit her job at a local bank to work from home. With a large and very busy family, she was spending a lot of time in the kitchen.  A business working out of her home kitchen that utilized her background in marketing and business along with her baking skills combined together in 2013 to create a great tasting product for Angela’s Baker Way Bakery.

The move

The demands of the bakery have grown. In the spring of 2016, the family moved to a home on Main Street with more visibility and easier accessibility for customers. This home just happens to have a better-designed kitchen making a home baking business much easier! Don’t let the idea of a “home kitchen” fool you. This kitchen has been able to knock out 20 dozen cookies, over 400 cupcakes and over 200 dinner rolls pretty fast! Cleanliness and food safety is a top priority. With the move a name change was due. Angela’s Baker Way Baker was a bit of a tongue twister for some and the business is no longer located on Baker Way. So with the removal of “Baker Way” Angela’s Bakery is officially the name of the bakery! With all the excitement of ‘new’, a few new items have been added to the menu.

Hobbies and Volunteer work

Angela loves to garden. Flowers are her number one favorite produce. She volunteers her time at American Valley Speedway, as a Cheer Coach for Quincy High School
Cheer coach, at her church as a Sunday school teacher and chorister,  provides donations to different programs and events at Quincy High School and community events. Angela’s Bakery has participated in Plumas Art’s Taste of Plumas event for the past 6 years Winning the Peoples Choice Award for best display in 2018 and Honorable Mention in Desserts serving Banana Bread pudding soaked in Caribbean Rum Sauce. Angela’s has donated to numerous fundraising events. All while attending the different sporting events her children are involved in.

” A lot of love goes into everything I make. Thank you for your orders and friendship.”  Angela


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