Pie Making, Filling, and Holidays

Pie making is an art. I learned how to make it when I was 12 and have had years to practice and perfect my recipes. You are going to love our flaky Buttermilk crust and delicious fillings! Some Basic flavors available are:

Cherry, Peach, Apple, Blackberry, Strawberry, Rhubarb, Strawberry Rhubarb, and Triple Berry

and a good old fashioned southern favorite Pecan Pie


“This pie is not to sweet, it was exquisite. The taste of the pie, the crust are just what a Pecan Pie should taste like without being overly sweet. It was the best I have ever had.” -Joe Smailes

Southern Bourbon Pecan Pie fresh from the oven!

Caramel Apple: A twist on the classic Apple. Caramel and Apple are just meant for each other.

Apple Pecan: Another fall classic with a crunchy pecan streusel top.

Some of my more adventurous flavors are Peach Pineapple with a Toffee Strussel top, Cherry Berry, Blackberry Rasberry Lime, Gingered Peach, and Peach Lemonade.

Wedding cakes and pies.



Pies range from $15 – $25 depending on availability of ingredients

Hand Pies start at $12 for 4 pies (minimum order)

All of the fruit fillings can be used in a hand pie. 


A little bit of history

Just a bit of my history and the hows and whys I learned to make pie.  

The Orchard

When my siblings and I were old enough to reach the branches in grandpas orchard we were put to work picking fruit. When I say put to work I don’t mean the bad child labor kind of work! I mean the help with family projects kind of work! You know… The kind of stuff that builds character and a work ethic kind of work 😊 😘  My grandparents lived in Brigham City, Utah and Grandpa had a green thumb! The orchard was filled with all kinds of fruit trees. Sweet Cherry, Sour Cherry, Pear trees, 2 types of Plum, Golden Delicious apples, 3 types of Peach trees, Apricot and I am sure I forgot a few… We used to spend hours picking and bottling, freezing or making jam from the fruit. We also spent hours running and playing up and down the rows in that tiny lot between the trees. We would help our selves to whatever was on the tree after picking it and running into grandma and asking “is this ripe yet” sometimes the answer was “taste it and see!” Mom and dads pantry had shelves lined with everything we spent the summer and fall bottling. I remember the day I used up my last bottle of sour cherries from grandpas orchard. I never as a child thought I would miss the work we put in. It was work. Not one of us kids really enjoyed the work I am sure we complained some. Well okay, a LOT!  Now, I would not trade those memories or the hours spent working with my grandparents and the knowledge I gained from the work we did. Not just with my grandparents but also at that time with my parents! It may have been a city lot with a few fruit trees a garden and some flower beds but to me, as a child, it was my Garden of Eden. Fresh fruits and vegetables all summer long and all the pretty flowers all summer long. Now I have to bring you back to my pie’s! 

Tulips and butterflies on a pie for a bit of spring fun!


The Crust and filling

My mom taught me how to make my first crusts and fillings. I hated using a fork to cut the shortening into the flour so I begged mom to pick up a pastry blender. Making pie crust can be intimidating for most! It is about finding your perfect recipe. I have a couple of favorites and I make adjustments based on my fillings when I am baking for my family. For you, I have a beautiful crust! I am really proud of my crust. It meets all of my criteria: flaky, not too salty, not pasty, not too sweet. I do not use vinegar, vodka, or some of the other things I have seen used in recipes. I have spent the last 2 years really working on what I want in my pie crust. It needed to be sturdy enough for a hand pie and have some flavor but be flakey! So if you would like to meet my buttermilk pie crust, all it takes is placing an order for 1 pie!

This last summer I made a Cherry Pie for a customer who responded with a text that said:


“Well I am sure you get compliments on your baking and I just tried your Cherry Pie and I am here to say Your pies are as good or BETTER than SEX and I mean that in the nicest possible way! Well Done!”

B. Borregaard

This truly was my most interesting review.


Pie works for so many holidays!  March 14th is 3.14 Pi Day

Summer pies made with fresh fruit! Cherry pie on the 4th of July. Brides and Grooms are choosing it for the dessert tables instead of the traditional cake.

In my childhood cherry, pumpkin, and apple pie were treats! We all looked forward to them after Thanksgiving dinner and I still do! Later after starting my own family, we lived in Oklahoma for a few years and this is where I collected my favorite recipes for Buttermilk and Pecan Pie.  A sweet friend shared them with me and they are both a tradition on my Thanksgiving table. I am super picky about my pumpkin. The spices have to be just right,  and it has to be baked in a glass pan. When it is ready to serve it must be covered with a giant scoop of homemade whipped cream!  Pie that is made by hand really is a work of love. I hope you enjoy mine as much as I love making them!

Happy Pie eating!

A beautiful and delicious lattice topped wedding day rustic pie.
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