Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: Do you make Vegan or Gluten free items?
  • A: We make some Vegan and Gluten free items. If you would like something specific give us a call. We do try to accommodate special requests.
  • Q: Why do your baked goods cost more than the grocery store?
  • A: First the items on our menu are made from scratch. I do not start with a boxed mix and doctor it up. Next taste is super important so I use the best quality ingredients like real sweet cream butter. You can be assured that you are receiving a quality made baked good that is free from the fillers and preservatives found in grocery store baked goods. last but not least freshness is a priority. We do not sell cakes that have been sitting in a freezer for weeks.
  • Q: Can we come visit your shop?
  • A: We are a California Cottage Food operation. We are not allowed under the law to have customers in the kitchen while making food for the public. Also we do not have a retail counter. We make our baked goods in our fully certified home kitchen. We welcome visits when we are not baking….
  • Q: What do you have on hand?
  • A: Our goal is to create the freshest best tasting product possible for you. We do not bake ahead. We bake to fill the orders we have for the day. As a result of this practice your loaf of bread may still be warm from the oven when you pick it up!
  • Q: How do I order?
  • A: Visit our Contact us page and send us a message or give us a call!
  • Q: Why don’t you add Cream Cheese frosted or Custard filled items to the menu? I love cream puffs!!
  • A: The California Cottage Food  law allows foods that are shelf stable and do not need refrigeration. I do have however have many delicious flavored buttercream frosting’s that my customers love! So If you are looking for some delicious alternatives ask for Cheesecake, cupcake, white chocolate or even a honey vanilla flavored buttercream frosting! We are positive you will not be disappointed.
  • Q: Do you guys sell baked goods that are sugar free or have little sugar in them?
  • A: We do accommodate some low sugar orders. Give us a call or send us a message and let’s see if we can accommodate your needs.
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