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 Baking Fresh Homemade …

… from scratch using the best ingredients and a lot of love. Welcome home!

Located in beautiful Quincy, California

We bake fresh from our fully certified home kitchen. Easy to find with free delivery in the Quincy area. With the flexibility of customizing every order that comes out of the bakery you will get what you ask for.  A carrot cake without raisins. Pecans and not walnuts if you so choose. Please be aware that the freedom of choice could lead to the inability to decide on just one cake flavor or cinnamon roll filling! No order is to big. When we say “home kitchen” it is not your average home kitchen. This kitchen was designed to work for our home and business and you will taste the difference of homemade verses all the rest. Fresh is very important so you must order in advance please.

Perfectly delightful Wedding Cakes, Cupcakes, Custom Cakes and so much more

Lace burlap and pearls wedding cake on our rustic cart.

I would be so honored to be your cake lady! Your dream cake is just a phone call and a few details away! Let’s chat. This is all about your big day. I can do a variety of things for your wedding from gourmet cupcakes in flavors and colors to match your decor to stacked cake or a combination of both! Even customized sugar cookies! For fresh wedding info click here  Weddings 

Pearls and lace burlap wedding cake at Greenhorn Guest Ranch 2018
Blueberries and cream cupcake

Tasting and Consultations

Every cake I make is a custom cake designed to the customers wants and needs. It is very difficult to offer a fixed price list so please contact us for details on pricing. I charge $50 for a tasting box where you get to taste your choice of two flavors of cake, frosting, and filling. We cover any questions or concerns, portions needed, color, design, flavors, dates, times and cost.
Because I am one person I limit the amount of cakes I do so as to give each customers creation the best of my time. Please reserve your event date as soon as possible so you can be sure to get a spot on my calendar. We offer various sizes in Cakes and depending on your budget we have something for everyone.

This is a cupcake tower with vanilla and chocolate cupcakes topped with buttercream peach and pink ombre roses.
This brides cupcake box has Orange Cream, Raspberry Vanilla, Caramel Apple and Vanilla with small chocolate rosettes.


Gourmet Cupcakes

We offer over 40 fresh flavor combinations and make the tastiest cupcake in Quincy California. For more info and a list of flavor possibilities Click here  Cake and Cupcake page

Mini cupcakes chocolate and caramel assortment.

Fresh and Fluffy Handmade Breads

Dinner rolls that are fluffy, loaves of bread that meet all your expectations, Jalapeno Cheddar Bread, Focaccia Breads that are flavored with fresh herbs, French Bread, and more. For more info and ideas click here  Bread

fresh baked pretzel buns
fresh baked pretzel buns
Jalapeno Cheddar Focaccia Bread
Jalapeno Cheddar Focaccia Bread

Sinful Cinnamon Rolls

Angela’s Amazing Cinnamon Rolls are just that… AMAZING! Click to our Cinnamon Roll page and learn more about all that is possible with Cinnamon Rolls!

Giant Cinnamon Roll filled with Angela’s own mix of cinnamon spices and drenched in a buttery glaze that should be making your mouth water about right now!

Homemade Delicious Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies fresh from the oven

From Giant to cookie jar sized get your fresh out of the oven cookie fix here! Giant personalized sugar cookies or cookie jar sized chocolate chip cookies. Find something for every cookie loving person click here  Cookies

Chocolate covered strawberries and custom designed sugar cookies.


Show stopping Birthday Cakes!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Or … that special someone, they must be really special because you came here for a birthday cake. Let’s get busy! Pick a flavor, and give me a call. Let’s get you on my calendar now so we can get the perfect cake designed  Cakes

Angela's Sugar Rush Birthday Cake
Angela’s Sugar Rush Birthday Cake covered with a raspberry buttercream and a white chocolate drip. With candy and fresh flowers topping the cake!
Pretty Princess Pink Birthday Perfect Cake. Whether she is full grown or 3 years old she will love this cake!



Baby Shower, or any occasion Cakes and Pie

It is not a party without a birthday cake or cupcakes or just something sweet that tries to steal the show!  Angela makes a fabulous Cherry pie! The best review ever can not be published… you will have to ask her what it said. For Pie click  PIE

Pink or Blue? Boy or Girl? Gender reveal cupcakes.
Pink or Blue? Boy or Girl?
Gender reveal cupcakes.
Even a Baby Shower cake can be the Perfect Cake!
We make Birthdays fun!
3 tiered Birthday Cake made for Icing Smiles. Monkey, Lion, and Elephant 3 tiered stacked cake! We make birthdays fun!!
Southern Bourbon Pecan Pie made fresh.


For some ideas on how to order the perfect cake check out my blog post here How to Order Your Perfect Cake

Candy topped paint drip cake.
Easter fun!
Easter fun!
Native american drum graduation cake.
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  1. I ordered a Halloween cake for my sisters babyshower and it turned out amazing. It was what I wanted and it tasted wonderful. Thankyou Angela

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