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Welcome to my Homemade Bakery

 Hello! Angela here, When I started this homemade baking business 7 years ago, it was with the idea that everything would be made from scratch.  I really believe that so many things taste better when you pick great quality ingredients to bake with and design recipes that are amazing! Scratch means that I handpick the ingredients and design the recipe myself. Your cake will have buttercream frosting made with real butter. Your cake will be made with farm-fresh local eggs and real butter. If you have questions about any ingredient please feel free to ask. 

Homemade leads us back to a nostalgic place where grandma’s homemade candy, cookies, bread, and pies take us home. Home to her kitchen with the smells and feelings of love, family, and food; where with just a few basic ingredients something amazing came out of the oven. This is where homemade becomes a beautiful description of a place in time that we felt loved. If you were lucky enough to experience this with your grandmothers, mom, or maybe even your dad was the cook, then you know what I’m talking about. I hope that you feel that way with every order you receive from Angela’s Bakery.

Homemade Bread Story

Sourdough Bread

I want to take you back in history to a time when our nation was growing. Back to the time of Cowboys and chuck wagons. I know we still have some of those rustic hardworking men and women today. I have a rich history of cowboys and pioneers on my family tree.

Sourdough bread bowl with clam chowder at Boudin Bakery in San Francisco California.

This story goes back to a flavor of bread that was made from scratch. Sometimes the bread has taken years from beginning to the loaf. Did you know that the cowboys and pioneers carried a piece of dough with them? It picked up the natural yeast in the air and when it was time to make bread that aged or sour piece of dough was the yeast for the new bread. The cook, cowboy, or pioneer would not cook all the dough but save a piece for the next batch of bread.  Amazing that with a few simple ingredients something so delicious was made. Today we have commercial yeast that we can easily add to our dough but I know some old cowgirls and boys that still use the age-old concept of holding on to a piece of dough. This concept is called a sourdough starter. Some starters are prized and very old! One example is the famous San Francisco Sourdough. I know that sourdough goes back farther than the cowboys and cowgirls of the old west but when I found a story about an old cowboy running a chuck wagon and saving his dough to make bread, I was intrigued.

Yep, I’m sure you have had some before but if you get the chance, a visit to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco and a Sourdough Bread bowl filled with clam chowder from the famous Boudin Bakery is a delicious experience!

The flavors in sourdough bread are from the wild yeast in the air that grows in the starter and the bacteria on the flour used to make and grow the starter. Those wild yeasts add different tastes depending on where they grow and what flours are used. A friend of mine worked in a bakery that shipped its sourdough starter monthly and when they were done the remainder was destroyed. Out of necessity came a delicious bread that is prized for its flavors. In my kitchen growing up baking from scratch was a necessity. My parents have been married for 46 years and raised 6 kids. Homemade-made from scratch was a necessity, we made pizza from scratch. Mom’s pizza dough was our favorite! The ideals and examples I was raised with help shape the way I raise my family. We do homemade, from scratch. In my bakery, I make homemade from scratch baked goods that I sell to my neighbors and friends. I don’t pack the piece of dough with me but I sure do pack the hard-working ideals that came from the men and women of my past.

A Homemade Bakery

I hope that your visit to my website will be fun, full of information and lead you to what you are looking for! I am a California Cottage Food Operation. My business is run out of my certified home kitchen in Quincy California. I fill orders for items baked in my home kitchen. Whether it is one of our homemade sourdough bread or a custom wedding cake, delicious and fresh is our goal. Please allow some time (order in advance) for your order to be created for the high standards we have set for our bakery. Visits are by appointment only.

I have spent years baking. I love to make delicious food for my family and friends. When you order from our bakery your order is created out of years of research and practice. Here at Angela’s Bakery, we work to keep our prices affordable knowing that you also work hard for your family.

This site was created to market our bakery products and also to educate. I hope we can meet your needs whether they be a simple loaf of bread for the family meal, cookie trays for your office meeting,  a custom made Birthday Cake, or some good old fashioned scratch-baked fun!

Baker/ Owner

Angela Sandlin



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