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Welcome to my Homemade Bakery

Welcome to homemade. What does homemade mean to you? Is it something you cook or make for your family or the time with family or smells that build the memories? When I started this homemade baking business in April of 2012, it was with the idea that everything would be made from scratch.  Mainly because of my own memories in the kitchen of cooking with my family. Coming from a big family, everything was made from scratch so never in a million years did I imagined how much fun I was going to have baking for my community.  When I say baked from scratch, I mean that I use basic ingredients from start to finish. I make buttercream frosting with real butter and our custom cakes, cinnamon rolls, and cookies made completely from scratch with farm-fresh local eggs and real butter. If you have questions about any ingredient please feel free to ask. 

Memories of fresh-baked

I hope you have some great memories of homemade baked goods, where the scent of fresh-baked bread or chocolate chip cookies came from a kitchen with people who loved and cared about you.  This is where homemade becomes a beautiful description of a place in time that we felt loved, or even safe. If you were lucky enough to experience this with someone special, then you know what I’m talking about. I hope that you feel that way with every order you receive from Angela’s Bakery.

From the Baker

Finally, I hope that your visit to this website will be fun and educational. Angela’s Bakery is a California Cottage Food Operation. We are a certified home kitchen in Quincy California.  Please allow some time (24 hours for orders and 1 week for custom orders) for your order to be created. Visits are by appointment only.

I have spent years baking and I love to make delicious food for my family and friends. When you order from our bakery you become a friend and part of our growing family. 

Baker/ Owner

Angela Sandlin



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