All kinds of homemade cookies!

Here at Angela’s Bakery, we have lots of favorites! What are your favorite cookies?

Gingerbread Cookies Orange Cranberry Pecan Swirl Cookies Ginger Molasses Cookies Apricot Thumbprints Apricot Pistachio Thumbprints Custom Decorated Sugar Cookies

Old fashioned favorites…

Flavors like Chocolate Chip, Sugar cookie, Oatmeal Toffee Pecan, and Peanut Butter are just a few customer favorites.

Contact us for pricing and a current menu of flavors.

Cookie Jar size, minimum order of 2 dozen per flavor.

Jumbo size is a large cookie with a minimum order of 1 dozen per flavor.

Elevate the sweet excitement with our colossal cookie creations! Picture this – giant cookies that are a whopping 12 inches in diameter or heart-shaped delights that steal the show! Whether it’s birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or any extraordinary moment, we’ve got the oversized treats to make it unforgettable. Pricing? It’s as delightful as the cookies themselves, and it depends on the shape and the artistry of the decorations. Get ready for a taste bud adventure!

Indulge in the elegance of our busy seasons with delightful Assorted Cookie Trays, specially crafted for occasions like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. For a sneak peek into our seasonal wonders, follow our Facebook page or Instagram feed. Stay connected for a touch of sweetness and a dash of class that defines each moment!

Christmas Cookies and Mini cupcakes

Indulge in the enchanting world of our seasonal delights, featuring whimsical treats like Ginger Bread and swirled shortbread! Our assorted cookie trays are a year-round delight, but they truly steal the spotlight from Thanksgiving through Christmas. If you’ve savored the magic of Plumas Bank in Quincy during December’s Customer Appreciation, those delightful bites were our renowned Holiday Cookies!

Let us sprinkle some sweetness into your special moments – whether it’s a wedding, a business gathering, or any event worth celebrating, we’ll craft a bespoke cookie table just for you! Reach out for pricing details.

Each order is a symphony of flavors, meticulously designed with you in mind. From custom shapes to tantalizing flavored icing, our handcrafted sugar cookies are not just delicious; they’re edible works of art. Delight your taste buds and dazzle your eyes with the perfect blend of flavor and beauty.

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