Buttercream vs. Fondant

What do You want on your cake?

German Chocolate Cake with Caramel Pecan and Coconut Filling and Chocolate buttercream frosting.

With so many options of what you can put on a cake or cupcakes, what does it all come down to; is your priority taste? Good choice, mine would be taste. Here at Angela’s Bakery, taste is our first priority. Well and looks is also our priority so a lot of thought and research goes into every product. It starts with the ingredients! The best quality ingredients are top priority. Whether it’s buttercream frosting, royal icing, glaze, ganache or fondant, we strive to make it delicious. I have made a few decisions that are best for my business based on a few simple rules. I wanted to provide a high quality product made from scratch with the best quality ingredients. Everything must taste good! So far, I feel it’s a success. (And after aafew more years of baking for the public I am happy to say I have many references from happy customers who love my cakes and frostings! So is truly is a success).

Did you know you have options? There’s the buttercream. How about a poured fondant? Maybe a cake covered in ganache? Another option might be a Naked Cake! How to decide? 

Fondant: an edible sugar paste that gives a smooth, clean finished look on cakes and

A sculpted Bulbasour Cake using Fondant.

cupcakes. Webster calls it a soft creamy preparation of sugar, water and flavorings that is used as a basis for Candy’s and icings. It can be shaped and molded to different textures and designs. The cake is covered in buttercream frosting, ganache, or even a thin jam and then a fondant that has been rolled out thin and placed over the cake. The flavor and texture remind me of those orange circus peanut candies we ate as kids. It’s used to mold and shape characters on cakes. I like to use it to make cupcake edible toppers or for accents on a buttercream frosted cake. It can be flavored different flavors to inhance and really go along well with your cake and filling flavors! The texture is a bit more well chewy for lack of a better word. Fondant has a velvet looking finish but so does buttercream frosting if done right. I love that it can be moulded into shapes and given textures. You can do things with fondant that you can not do with frosting. Sadly I see so many people peel it off of there cake before eating so I chose to use fondant that tastes good at least by my standards.

Ganache: Webster defines it as a sweet creamy chocolate used as filling or frosting. Ganache has a smooth almost creamy texture.  I make a whiskey Ganache filling for our Irish Car Bomb cupcakes that is delicious. I also use Ganache to drizzle over a berry topped cake. The use of the best quality chocolates improves the flavor.

Angela’s Bakery Ganache: Melted chocolate mixed with cream! What could be wrong about this combination! Defiantly a choice for cakes and cupcakes here!

Buttercream Frosting: Webster says it is a soft mixture filling of butter and sugar that is used as frosting or filling of cakes. This is my frosting of choice. I add flavoring and extracts to compliment the cakes and cupcakes I make.

Angela’s Bakery Buttercream Frosting: I know a trick to get this to look as smooth as fondant! The chocolate is my favorite but then so is the Irish cream, margarita, peanut butter, peach, raspberry pucker, lemon, vanilla bean, cheesecake, dark chocolate, … yep I have a few flavors to pick from and could just keep listing but I don’t want to bore you! Can you see why the party starts here? At Angela’s Bakery?

Finally every cake artist has a preference of the medium that will best achieve the look requested by the customer. My best advice is to always refer to the professional when picking the flavor profiles, and finishes that will make your cake a success! DO NOT be the bride that orders navy blue buttercream frosting! Your  guests will have blue teeth!! Choose your cake artist with care. You can easily find a friend who can make the cake for nothing as a favor or run to the local Costco or Wal-Mart for cheep cake or  you can pay a professional for the perfection you seek! Making a delicious work of art is fun for me! The best part is knowing I make people happy!

Was this really a Buttercream vs Fondant artical? Not really. They both have there place in the cake design world. Give them both a try! Better yet, refer to your cake artist. Ask for a sample to taste to see if you like it! Order some cupcakes before you make that big order to see if you like the bakers work! You could stick with the cheep cakes but why would you when you can for a few bucks more have an indulgence that should go along with every party and celebration! The winner here is truly the customer. Enjoy! ❤️

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